The Others Week 2: Notes and Quotes

August 13th, 2016 | Discipleship, Sermon Topic
  • The real journey inward in chapter 2 is not about going inside the fish, it is about Jonah’s personal journey into the depths of his own heart.


  • God is taking Jonah on a journey inward to reveal that in Jonah’s hatred of the other, he has failed to realize that he himself is the same as the other.


  • “In a world so drenched in evil, everybody is innocent in their own eyes.” -Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace


  • Ta-Ne-hisi Coates, Between the World and Me. “Here they were, the Cabal, the Coven, the others, the monsters, the outsiders…dressed in all their human clothes. I am black and have been plundered and have lost my body. But perhaps I too had the capacity for plunder. Maybe I too would take another human’s body to confirm myself in a community. Perhaps I already had. Hate gives identity.”


  • To Love others we must see them as God sees them.


  • Deb Hirsch Redeeming Sex: “All of humanity, regardless of their cultural difference, is made in the image of God. We need to learn, First and foremost, to see people as image bearers of God and only then see them as fallen and in need of salvation. Genesis 1 comes before Genesis 3.
  • “All people have an innate Godlike beauty and dignity because they all in their own unique way reflect something of their Creator. Yes, in some individuals, the image is profoundly marred; it might even appear that sometimes it is marred to the point of extinction, but in actual fact it is always there by virtue of their being human.”
  • “We must move away from our preformed cultural assumptions, and from fixating on behaviors, to focusing on their innate potential to imitate their Creator. There is always the possibility of goodness and great beauty in all people. Seeing like this changes everything. I am less inclined to be fearful and less inclined to judge when I approach the other as a being reflecting God. It is simply a more graceful, loving way to engage a lost and broken humanity. “


  • “If I thought the way they thought, felt like they felt and experienced what they have experienced, I would likely do the same things they are doing too.”


  • People act based on the way they see the world. Every single time. Understanding someone else’s story is hard, a job that’s never complete, but it’s worth the effort.” –Seth Godin


  • “God’s reception of hostile humanity into divine communion is a model for how human beings should relate to the other.” –Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace


Jon Ritner joined Ecclesia as Lead Pastor in August of 2015. Before moving to LA, Jon had served for three years as a Pastor in a small church plant in Brussels, Belgium and for 10 years as a Pastor in a large church in Williamsburg, Virginia. Jon and his wife, Kristyn, have been married since 2002 and have two children, Addy (10) and Jax (7). Jon is a native of New York and a graduate of The College of William and Mary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Also, he keeps himself humble by rooting for the Chicago Cubs and playing pick up basketball with guys half his age.

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