The Others: Learning from the Book of Jonah

July 30th, 2016 | Sermon Topic

It seems this summer has seen a categorical escalation in anger and resentment towards people who are not like “us”.  Whether it is our country’s racial tensions, the discourse around the presidential election or ongoing global terrorism, the news is filled with people who are suspicious, fearful or antagonistic towards others because of their differences.  How do people of diverse races, cultures and religions live together in peace?  In August we will explore the journey of God’s prophet Jonah as he wrestles with the command to bring God’s word to a culture and people very different than his own.  We will try to identify who “the others” are in our own lives and how we can seek to promote understanding and empathy as God’s agents of reconciliation on earth.


August 7 Jonah Chapter 1  Running Against the Wind 
August 14 Jonah Chapter 2 The Journey Inward
August 21 Jonah Chapter 3 Last to Arrive
August 28 Jonah Chapter 4 Preaching to the Prophet