Origin Story: God

Origin Story final
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January 7, 2018 – Jon Ritner

Genesis 1:1

Genesis is the Book of Life’s Beginnings. It introduces the overarching themes that permeate the metanarrative of God’s Story. Incredibly the circumstances, conflicts, and experiences of those ancient characters still resonate with our lives today. In the New Year, Ecclesia’s Community Groups and Sunday teaching will return to the first 11 chapters of Genesis to rediscover the origins of the human experience and how the truths and themes of those first stories still impacts our spiritual journey in the modern world.

The Maker
by Jordan Lott


I am

Motive I’ve sought
Plans made, forethought
Impulse onslaught

The catalyst, I feel
Inside, for something real
Outside myself, ideal
My heart, my love appeals

For something I can call my own
A jewel to lay upon my throne
This urge for more inside me groans
Take heed. My inner voice it drones
“Create! And be no more alone!”

I must relieve this weight that’s on my heart
The time has come to release all that’s barred
The pressure breaks this burden into shards
I am the Maker, energy unmarred
My love explodes to cover and bombard
Heavens and earth in neverending art

from Jon Ritner