Collaborative Church: The Shepherding Gift

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September 10, 2017 – Jon Ritner

John 21:1-17

In the 300 years following Jesus’ resurrection, the early Church expanded from a minority of a few thousand on the margins of society to a movement of twenty million disciples that included the Emperor of Rome. Ironically, this exponential growth took place without professional staff, local church buildings, discipleship resources, or even legal rights. Instead, the movement was based on each follower of Jesus embodying the various ministries that comprise the mission of Jesus in his or her life every day. In our Fall teaching series, we will rediscover the original functions of the Church that are detailed in Ephesians, Acts and the Gospels and seek to fully activate them today. We will celebrate the value of each function and the need for them to collaborate together. Our prayer is that each of us will be empowered to participate in the ways Jesus is working though His church to impact the world today.

Today Jon interviews Cheryl Lovejoy, with an update on our ministry partner Homecare Spiritual Fellowship and how it fulfills the Shepherding function.

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