Advent Week 1: God Comes to Us

December 3rd, 2014 | Christmas, Reflection

We all have times where we long for God.  We have times in our life where we seek God’s perspective and presence in our current circumstances.  We may long for God to meet us just where we are or we look for Him to give meaning to life.  Advent is a time to remember that God has come to us.  Advent is a season where we celebrate that after 400 years of silence from God and after centuries of expectation…God answered!  We remember that instead of withdrawing from us, God leaned in.  We remember that God came to us in power displayed in humility.  God came to dwell among us.  He came to change our lives forever.

If we are honest, the majority of life is spent in anticipation of God’s arrival.  We wait and pray to be a new person transformed by His love.  We wait and pray for those who have not yet experienced Jesus’ love.  We wait and pray for some change in life’s circumstances.   We spend a lot of time in expectant waiting.  And as we wait, we do so in tension.  We wait and we also celebrate that God has come near to us.  GOD IS WITH US!

Advent is a season of expectant waiting for the fullness of God in our lives and in our world.   We see the events in our nation or in the world and become discouraged or fearful.   We still live in a broken world where things aren’t perfect and justice is seemingly absent.  We see the events in Ferguson, the unrest in the Middle East and we wonder if God is going to step in.

During Advent, we again have the opportunity to focus our attention on God and His faithfulness to bring restoration to that which is broken.  And at the same time, Advent is a season of joy.  We can rejoice that God has brought us life through Jesus.  We will never again have to wonder how to find freedom, peace, and love with God.  God answered and sent His Son to us.    Salvation has come!

Whatever our current circumstances, we can have hope that God will answer.   God is not idle or slow.   In this season of Advent, we remember that not only does God respond, but also that Jesus will come again to make all things new.