Shaped by Suffering: Confuse the Wicked, Lord

Ecclesia Hollywood sermon by Jon Ritner, "Shaped by Suffering"
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March 12, 2017 – Jon Ritner

Today Jon teaches on Psalm 55. He is joined at the end by Chris Krebsbach who shares her experience of suffering trauma and how it has affected her life and led to her healing.

Before one can truly celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at Easter, one must take the long 40-day Lenten journey to the foot of the cross of Jesus. In this series, we will study the Psalms of Lament as a window into the soul that is suffering.

The Book of Psalms captures some of the most profound cries of anguish, lament, and loneliness in human existence. In a modern culture that medicates, avoids, and minimizes pain and suffering, we will see how the suffering that Jesus endured and that he allows in our life can actually shape us into his character. We will examine how to grieve and how to walk alongside those in grief; how to cry out and how to intercede for those who are too weak to cry out themselves; we will wrestle with our common experience of loneliness, injustice and death and in so doing, find a common way forward that leads to a deeper life in Christ.

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