Sent: Listen – The Third Habit

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October 16 – Jon Ritner


Mark 6:30-46

Today is the fifth week of our Fall teaching series, Sent: Rediscovering the Priorities of Jesus. We are studying the life of Jesus from passages in the four Gospels. Much is made of the profound teachings and the powerful miracles of Jesus, but what were the underlying priorities of his life that determined how he invested his time and energy? As the modern day Body of Christ, we are seeking to reclaim his mission as sent by God to declare and display God’s universal reign over the world. We will also read together from the book by Michael Frost which will help us understand practical habits and rhythms we can adopt to live out Jesus’ priorities.

Read: Ch. 5 Listen – The Third Habit

Application: Spend at least one period of the week listening for the Spirit’s voice.


10/16 WORSHIP:


A Call To Worship: Listen!

Listen! Wisdom is calling!
Before all began,
God , Word, and Wisdom Creating, calling,
from the foundations of the deep

Listen! Wisdom is calling!
From the mountain tops Earth,
fields and sea Creating, calling

Listen! Wisdom is calling!
To those who suffer
God’s love is given Endurance blossoms

Listen! Wisdom is calling!
Daily, God’s delight
You, me, every one
Given hope, grace, love
As the foundation of our lives

Listen! Wisdom is calling!
Poured into our hearts
That we may become Christ’s hand and heart, love

Listen! Wisdom is calling!!


from Jon Ritner