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February 16th, 2015 | People
Ecclesian, Miles Lin, is 10 years old and started I Dream of Fish Foundation when he was only nine.  We asked him to share about how I Dream of Fish began and his upcoming annual fundraiser on Sunday, March 8.
1.  Tell us about how I Dream of Fish came about.
It all started by me asking my mom how I could help stop world hunger with fish. We did research on inexpensive and sustainable fish farms. While we were searching we found something called Aquaponics which seemed like a good idea. The problem was that we didn’t know anyone who did this kind of work. One day my mom had to go on a retreat and when she came back she said she met someone that did Aquaponics! She had his info and we planned a meeting and ended up doing our first fundraiser.
2.  What is Aquaponics?
Aquaponics are a sustainable and balanced fish farm. Aquaponics need little energy and is a good way to have a healthy diet. An aquaponic is basically a fish tank on the bottom with a garden on top. You can grow almost anything on the top and the fish don’t need much care. Its an easy way to have a meal every day.
3.  What has I Dream of Fish accomplished so far and what are your hopes for the future?
I Dream of Fish has reached a point were I never thought it could go. I never thought I could raise more than $10,000 but with the help of all my friends, we changed Indian orphans’ lives. I hope to achieve a point were we could be able to have a fundraiser every year. I’ve gotten so many kind donations and I hope we can raise more than we did last year.
4.  How can Ecclesians support what you’re doing or get involved?
Every penny counts and if people could give a donation it could go a long way. The kids that this money is going to are so appreciative that people gave their hard earned money for them to get their well needed food. I think that by supporting the cause of I Dream of Fish and telling others about it is enough but if you want to donate you can go to our website http://idreamoffish.org/ and click donate to get involved in our journey to end world hunger one fish at a time.
5.  Tell us about the fundraiser event.
Our 2nd annual fundraiser on March 8 at 9:45am is going to be a screening of Disney’s live-action movie Cinderella (a week before it comes out in theaters!) All ticket sales will support our goal of ending world hunger.  Come join us and help solve world hunger one fish at a time. Buy tickets here – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/early-screening-of-disneys-cinderella-fundraiser-for-i-dream-of-fish-tickets-14918211773

Here is Miles being interviewed on KCAL 9:

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