I Dream of Fish and The Batman Lego Movie

January 17th, 2017 | Film, Outreach, People

According to the United Nations, 805 million people are malnourished. One in every nine people on our planet go to bed hungry each night. One out of six children — roughly 101 million — in developing countries is underweight. Learning these facts inspired Ecclesian youth, Miles Lin in 2014 to start his own foundation, I DREAM OF FISH with the goal of solving world hunger.

After some research, he came upon a sustainable way of fish and vegetable farming called Aquaponics; a simple, low-cost, food production system that houses fish on the bottom, and gardens on top. As an avid fisherman Miles was drawn to the concept immediately. The fish live happily in a tank on the ground – eating, mating, and creating waste. The dirty “poop water” is pumped up to the garden providing fertilizer to the growing plants. Because the water is so rich in nutrients, the plants grow at hyper-speed! The clean water then flows back down to the fish and the cycle goes on and on. Aquaponics works well in many environments because of its small size and ability to produce large amounts of protein (from the fish) and vegetables (from the garden) and because of the closed-loop filtration system.

Armed with this information and a desire to make change, in 2014, Miles (and his family) went to India to start their first Aquaponics farm. There he met kids at a local orphanage and with them planted seeds for their very own Aquaponics garden. Together they learned about balancing the Ph of fish tanks.


In the 3 years since its launch, I Dream of Fish continues to reach new communities all over the world including Southern India, Uguanda and Haiti. Their work with Haiti looks a bit different. After months of researching locations and talking to the community, they learned a few things – chickens were more valuable than fish at the local Haitian market and the farmers already knew how to take care of chickens and they really wanted a chicken farm! Instead of forcing fish on the community or leaving them to their chicken farm, I Dream of Fish responded to their needs and now supports the community in their efforts to be sustainable. Although it isn’t what they originally set out to do, they are happy to say that this Haitian farm is now producing 2,700 eggs per week!

Miles and I Dream of Fish are an example that it only takes one person to make a difference. And they would like everyone to join them in their mission to end world hunger. On Sunday, February 5th, I Dream of Fish and Harvest Craft are hosting an advance screening of the highly anticipated, THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. This annual fundraiser is an exclusive event where you get to watch the movie a week before its nationwide release! Seats are limited and will sell out in advance.

Ticket price of $50 include free drink, popcorn, and valet parking. You can enter code “Ecclesia” to receive tickets for $15/each. The best part – ticket proceeds will go towards funding future aquaponics systems, similar to their projects in India, Uganda, and Haiti! For tickets and more information available here: http://www.idreamoffish.org.

Then on Sunday, February 12th, join us in the service at 10am in Hollywood as Miles and his family will share more about the foundation and the event!