Flourishing: Overview and Study Guide

January 7th, 2017 | Sermon Topic


Traditionally at Ecclesia, the Sunday morning services examine a portion of God’s Word and invite us to apply the ideas to our lives as individuals and as a community. For our first series in 2017, we are going to flip that format. We are inviting Ecclesia each week to explore one passage of God’s word, through Community Group studies and personal devotional times. You and your groups are invited to share your observations, themes, and questions with Pastor Jon. Then on Sunday morning when we gather together, Jon will use his message to recap the passage, respond to the community’s questions, and celebrate the common themes God has been revealing to each of us during the week. We will uncover together what elements are essential for a community of Jesus disciples to continue thriving, growing and flourishing in every dimension of life.
You and your group can share, ask and interact each week by texting to 256-ECC-HLWD or emailing jon@churchinhollywood.com

Weekly Passages

Jan 8-14 Philippians 1:1-1:11
Jan 15-21 Philippians 1:12-1:30
Jan 22-28 Philippians 2:1-2:18
Jan 29 Give Her Life
Jan 29-Feb 5 Philippians 3:1-3:11
Feb 5 Greece Team Update
Feb 5-Feb 11 Philippians 3:12-4:1
Feb 12 I Dream of Fish
Feb 12-18 Philippians 4:2-4:23
Feb 19 Stories from Winter Refuge

If you would like to use these passages as a guide for a weekly devotional time, here are a series of questions that we suggest you use as you study and journal. Our community groups will be using these questions as well to explore God’s Word.

Study Questions

  1. Read the passage through 2 times in 2 different translations (such as the NIV, CEV, ESV, NASB, KJV). Then read it once more in a paraphrase, such as The Message or Living Bible.
  2. What does this passage tell me about the nature and character of God?
  3. What does this passage tell me about the nature and character of humanity, which is therefore true for me and my life?
  4. What does this passages tell me about God’s mission to bring about redemption through Jesus Christ?
  5. In what ways does this passage challenge how I live and call me to respond?
  6. Whom can I encourage this week with what I learned in this passage?
  7. How can I pray in light of what I’ve just learned?