Foster Care

September 8th, 2016

Fostering a Loving Heart

This post was submitted by “Raquel” (an Ecclesian and foster mother) in response to the conclusion of our sermon series The Others. One of the hardest parts of fostering/adopting is reconciliation with the birth family. Whether your child is reunified with that family or officially becomes part of yours, you have to emotionally and mentally […]

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November 22nd, 2015

Adoption and Foster Care

Sunday we celebrated Part II of Family Sunday with another round of Child dedications and the announcement of two more births.  On Adoption Sunday, we invited two new friends to share with us at Ecclesia, Sergey Pokrovskiy and Rodrigo de la Sotta. Sergey lives with his wife and daughter in Ryazan, Russia where he serves as a […]

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January 6th, 2015

How to Be a Foster Parent in Three Not-So-Easy Steps, Part II

Step Three:  Wait Not everyone has to wait as long as I did, but here’s a glimpse into my journey… I mentioned in the last post that during orientation, I realized there were different levels of care that I could engage in.  When respite care was explained to me, I thought that sounded like a […]

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December 5th, 2014

How to Be a Foster Parent in Three Not-So-Easy Steps

Step One:  Attend an Orientation Session In December, I attended an orientation session at Five Acres Foster Family Agency.  It’s one of several very well respected private agencies that work with the County of Los Angeles to provide foster family placements for the kids that need them.    Those who are interested in pursuing foster […]

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November 25th, 2014

Not My Plan

As I’ve gotten older, my desire for a husband and a family has not diminished.  At all.  It has, however, had to morph as I indeed did not get married at 19 and start having kiddos in an effort to somehow catch up to my older brother.  (Did I mention I’m actually a Great Aunt […]

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October 9th, 2014

Foster Care/Adoption

We had another successful conversation on Sunday, September 28 where we continued to hear how God is working in our community in regards to fostering and adoption. Here are some items discussed at the meeting. 1) New Foster/Adoption Support Group This  bimonthly support group will be for Ecclesians who have or are considering fostering/adopting or […]

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